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Portable Handy Scale

Portable Handy Scale

Platform Load Sensor quick weighment of vehicle anywhere

Why Platform Sensors ?

Weight of individual wheel, front Axle, Read Axle, % weight shared by each axle and the total weight of vehicle are essential parameters of any Vehicle Weighment for legal, R & D and vehicle testing applications.

Spcially designed for mobile Weight enforcement programs. Being light weight & Compact , weight inspection system can be set up within minutes on variety of road surfaces.
Platform Sensore Benefits .
• Portable & easy to install.
• Sensors with integral rubber ramps allow easy ON & OFF vehicle loading
• Large LCD display Provides every weighment information with one touch press of feather touch keypad.
•Works on maintenance free reachareable batteries for continous duty application.
Platform Load Sensor Specifications
Specification & features subject to change without any notice for enhancement / development.
• Weight inspections can typically administrated at road side station along with the major highways, field conditions.
• Proven reliable system with significant expertise to support it.
• Side by side placement of sensors allows twin tyre load measurement easily.
• Sufficient top plate for easy measurement of vehicles with wide tyres.
• Provision for cable laying through load sensor rubber ramp for multiple combination of sensor.
Portable Handy Scale
Platform Indicator Specifications
Portable Handy Scale