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Remote Wireless Handy Weighing Pads

Remote Wireless Handy Weighing Pads

Easy & Quick weighment of vehicle anywhere

Truly portable, handy vehicle weighing system bringing vehicle weighment results at finger tips.

Why Wireless Weighing Pads?

• Remote, Wireless, Radio frequency transreceiver based weighing pads, truly eliminates hassles of vehicle weighing set-up.

• Truly drive in & out set-up delivers every weighing parameter result over built in Local transducer display as well as over Handheld display.

Wireless Weighing Pads Benefits

• Easy set-up.

• Handheld, Remote, Portable weighing
pads with 2.4 GHz licence free radio
• Graphic LCD display provides every weighment information with one touch press of feather touch keypad.
• Works on maintenance free rechargeable batteries for more than 10 hours for continuous duty application.

Wireless Weighing Pads: General Specifications
Specification & features subject to change without any notice for enhancement / development.
• Truly portable vehicle weighing set-up with easy to install at road side field condition.
• 2.4 GHz Radio frequency based licence free transreceiver module.
• System works on 7.4 V, rechargeable, maintenance free, Li-ion battery.
• Data storage facility: The typical individual wheel, front axle, rear axle,
   % Weight shared by each axle with time, date & facility to enter vehicle parameter etc.
• Battery charger provided with each kit.
• Local LCD display for individual tyre weighment & % battery life indication.
Wireless Weighing Pads
Handheld Display: General Specifications
Handheld Display
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